Are you ready to help plant the seeds of the NEXT RENAISSANCE?

Our brains are being re-wired.

As modern neuroscience confirms, new technologies literally re-wire the sense ratios of the neuron in our brains, changing patterns of thought and even altering how we dream.

Here in the 21st century, with exponentially expanding computer intelligence and worldwide digital connection as the driving forces, evolution is accelerating at a speed never before experienced in human history…

Our brains are now connected to each other in ways never anticipated as computers are learning to identify deep patterns never before part of human awareness.

At the same time, the exponential speed-up of constant data flow is generating feedback loops filled with uncertainty, chaos and emotional volatility.

We have left the world of logical, linear, one step at a time, sequential thought.

We have entered the age of the quantum leap.

And now we find ourselves in the throes of a viral pandemic, a message from a third form of intelligence:  Nature’s Intelligence.

NI (Nature’s Intelligence) + AI (Computer Intelligence) + HI (Human Intelligence) = ???

What are we to think?

Are we headed towards the next great Renaissance?  Or Mass Systematic Breakdown?

Most likely, both.

So, let’s catch our breath, keep our wits about us, and tune into the deep patterns of change taking place…

This website is dedicated to creating a bigger picture of these unfolding patterns, specifically identifying and elaborating on three psychological shifts that can lead to the Next Renaissance:

  • The Shift from the Left Hemisphere of the brain to the Right Hemisphere

  • The Shift from Printed Page to Digital Screen

  • The Shift from Individual Intelligence to Collaborative Intelligence.

We will explore together how these shifts provide insights and deep psychological tools for understanding the sped-up, brain-shifting, boundary-breaking zeitgeist we now live in.

Join us for a fascinating ride.