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FEATURED GUEST for 1st WEBINAR, February 24, 2021: Robert Thurman

WHAT ARE WE THINKING? A Trip into the Right Hemisphere of the Human Brain Join award-winning radio talk show host, philosopher, and humorist Doug Grunther on a fascinating, insightful trip into the most creative, intuitive and expansive part of our brain: The Right Hemisphere. FEATURED GUEST for 1st WEBINAR, February 24, 2021: Robert Thurman, world renown Buddhist teacher, dynamic speaker and personal envoy of the Dalia Lama. Grunther is launching a series of interactive virtual salons, called WHAT ARE WE THINKING that will explore this fascinating and central element of our daily life.  An anatomical line divides our brains into left and right sides. The Left Hemisphere, at its highest function, is logical, analytical and rational. Great for building advanced technologies. Well-suited to identify individual trees, but can’t see the forest. The Right Hemisphere is spontaneous, imaginative and able to make quantum leaps. It’s wired to deal with uncertainty and seeks a “bigger picture” of current events and how we relate to each other. WHAT ARE WE THINKING? explores how the dominance of the left hemisphere perception in western culture has created a self-centered, materialist reality which can no longer be sustained and what can be done to counteract this […]

Essay #1: Signs of the Next Renaissance?

  It was a 6th century philosopher, Heraclitus, who provided an insight as true today as in his ancient times: “You can’t step into the same river twice,                  for other waters are continually flowing on.”   While pointing to a deep universal principle of how nature works, the difference for us here in the 21st century is that the flow of time is moving at speeds never before experienced in human evolution. The intention of this website is to shed light on three potential shifts in consciousness which reflect the sped-up, digitalized, globally-networked currents generating the current zeitgeist and which have the potential to bring forth the Next Renaissance.   The Shift from the left hemisphere of our brain to the right; The Shift from the printed page to the digital screen; The Shift from individual intelligence to Collaborative Intelligence.   (Note:  By “shift” I don’t mean leaving behind the important function of the left hemisphere of our brain, the importance of printed books or the relevance of individual intelligence.  But information will be offered on this web site showing that unless we shift more emphasis from  of a conscious emphasis to the […]