New Links of Interest. Think along with some of the brilliant right-hemisphere thinkers who influence the essays and webinars on this web site. You can link to William Irwin Thompson, the innovative social philosopher who described his writing and speaking style as “mind-jazz on ancient texts” and Kevin Kelly, Senior Maverick at Wired Magazine.

New Links of Interest

You can now find additional links to websites on our Right Brain Links of Interest section which encourage and open our minds to a more right-hemisphere perception of the world. Included are websites of the great spiritual teach Alan Watts and the brilliant “big picture” social philosopher William Irwin Thompson.


Getting Into the “FLOW”

Interesting article in The New York Times last week (21 April/2021). Title is “There’s a Name for the Blah You’re Feeling: It’s Called Languishing.” The antidote to languishing given is “Flow,” that wonderful experience of being so in the moment,
“where your sense of time, place and self melts away.” I write about “flow” towards the end of Essay #5: “Yin/Yang & the Hemispheres of the Brain.” 


Nature’s Living Intelligence

Highly recommend:  The article “Nature’s Living Intelligence” is an excellent insight into the need to shift what we’ve been primarily taught—that the world is a “collection of objects to be transformed, sold, used, and ultimately thrown away.”  And it offers the alternative view, inherent in many ancient philosophies and spiritual teachings, that the world is alive with intelligence and meaning when we learn how to flow within its deep patterns.

The article is written by David Fideler who has a PhD in philosophy and the history of science and cosmology.