FEATURED GUEST for 1st WEBINAR, February 24, 2021: Robert Thurman


A Trip into the Right Hemisphere of the Human Brain

Join award-winning radio talk show host, philosopher, and humorist Doug Grunther on a fascinating, insightful trip into the most creative,
intuitive and expansive part of our brain: The Right Hemisphere.

FEATURED GUEST for 1st WEBINAR, February 24, 2021:

Robert Thurman, world renown Buddhist teacher, dynamic speaker and personal envoy of the Dalia Lama.

Robert Thurman

Grunther is launching a series of interactive virtual salons, called WHAT ARE WE THINKING that will explore this fascinating and central element of our daily life. 

An anatomical line divides our brains into left and right sides. The Left Hemisphere, at its highest function, is logical, analytical and rational. Great for building advanced technologies. Well-suited to identify individual trees, but can’t see the forest. The Right Hemisphere is spontaneous, imaginative and able to make quantum leaps. It’s wired to deal with uncertainty and seeks a “bigger picture” of current events and how we relate to each other.

WHAT ARE WE THINKING? explores how the dominance of the left hemisphere perception in western culture has created a self-centered, materialist reality which can no longer be sustained and what can be done to counteract this trend. Grunther reveals how explorers of the human mind, including select artists, scientists, depth psychologists, philosophers, business leaders and global visionaries, are providing mind-expanding insights to meet the challenges going forward. 

And we will see how optimistic visionary insights into creative potential are available when we are willing to access the depths of right-hemisphere awareness.  

The interactive monthly webinars will be a virtual salon with real-time audience participation.  In addition, a dedicated web site is being designed to create an intentional community of creative, right-hemisphere thinkers where members can access and post insights, ideas and commentary.

Let’s help bring about the Next Renaissance and have a spirited good time along the way. 

Are you ready to make the leap?


  • 3 Shifts in Consciousness Defining the 21st Century 
  • The Hidden Language of Your Dreams 
  • Why the Right Hemisphere Loves Jokes & Humor 
  • How Einstein Chased a Light Beam in his Imagination to Discover Relativity 
  • Why Astronaut Bowman had to Unplug HAL Before Entering the Star Gate 
  • Directing the Brain to Strengthen Your Psychological Immune System 
  • VUCA & the Future of Business: Taking Advantage of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity & Ambiguity 
  • Spiritual Master J. Krishnamurti: “Truth is a Pathless Land” 
  • Marshall McLuhan: The Future of Humanity in the Electric/Digital Age 
  • Tuning into Alpha Waves: Creating a Mental Oasis in a Noisy, Divided World 

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